All Inclusive Pass to All Seminars

All Inclusive Pass to all 5 seminars. $350 savings! Limited time only! While supplies last.

Sassy and Sweet

Jill Pipino presents Sassy and Sweet! Sometimes our cutest little clients have the most difficult hair. Drop coats don’t have to hold up your schedule. This class will show a couple different styles on the same dog to achieve a cute pet trim in no time!

Dog CPR and First Aid

Dog CPR and First Aid by Jill Pipino. Accidents can happen even to the most discerning pet owner. Know what to do in an emergency situation to give your dog a chance at a better outcome, and have confidence that you are doing all you can. We will go over CPR and first aid techniques, please note this is first aid, not veterinary procedures.


Cheryl Purcell NCMG, GroomTeam USA Coordinator 2015-2018 and GroomTeam USA member 2002-2007, NEPGP member since 1994, NDGAA member since 1994, leads the JUST HEADS seminar. You can do a 7 all on a pet but if you know how to make a cute head clients are over joyed. Learn how to groom the heads on multiple breeds in this seminar. Cheryl will teach you her techniques on achieving that WOW factor no matter what length the body is trimmed in. There will be a slide show with videos clips and a live demo.

The Springer Trim:

GroomTeam USA Member Krystal Purcell ICMG, The Springer Trim your clients really want! Krystal shows you how to achieve a “show” look that is manageable for your clients, and won’t break their wallets! GroomTeam USA member and Springer Spaniel enthusiast Krystal shares some of her secrets for setting lines, perfecting the elusive “tennis ball” foot, and the basics of stripping and carding the springer coat.

Shear Balance:

GroomTeam USA member Krystal Purcell gives you the basic lowdown on all things shear! she’ll show you the importance of thumb and finger guards, explain the differences between thinners, blenders, and chunkers, and tells you how you can improve your scissor technique just by holding your shears differently.