Grooming Competition



This is a class specifically for newer groomers. Groomers must have under four years experience in either a salon, competition venue or conformation. Competitive groomers who’ve won a group 1st, Best All Around, or BIS in any tiered competition are ineligible to compete in this class. Professional handlers, and judges/certifiers are also ineligible to compete in this class.

Prize Money: 1st- $250 2nd-$150 3rd-$100


This class will be open to ALL competitors regardless of experience or prior wins. All acceptable breeds and mixed-breeds are eligible to be used for the class.

Prize Money:

1st-$175 & a free entry for next years show. 2nd-$125 3rd-$75


This is a creative inspired competition. Make the dogs look as whimsical, unique and over the top as you like! Any of the acceptable breeds/mixed-breeds are eligible to be used for this competition. All groomers, regardless of skill/experience level are eligible to compete in this class.

Prize Money: 1st-$200 2nd-$150 3rd-$100

Poodle Class:

POODLES: Acceptable breeds: All sizes, and colors of purebred Poodles in Conformation trims, (ie., Continental, English Saddle and 2nd Puppy Trim). This class MAY be split into three separate classes as follows: •Over 22”•Over 16-22” •16”and under.

Poodle classes to determine the placements for a final 1st, 2nd and 3rd for all Poodles.

Prize Money 1st-$175 2nd-$100 3rd-$75